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Environmentally responsible buildings that promote sustainability with premium features

Green buildings are environmentally sustainable, resource-efficient, and energy-efficient buildings designed with clients’ health and quality of life in mind. The green building concept means using environmentally friendly, healthy, and non-toxic materials in the construction, ensuring good indoor air quality while preserving energy and natural resources, and at the same time providing the best possible design that ensures lifestyle quality.

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Green Building Certification

A green rating, green certification, and energy efficiency indicate the level of environmental sustainability for residential real estate properties. Therefore, assessing the building’s energy performance and the building’s life cycle analysis and carbon emissions from an environmental and sustainability perspective with a set of tools and ratings. A residential building that has been reviewed, evaluated, audited, and certified Green, Zero-Carbon, Zero Energy, meets a high level of performance, quality and becomes perfectly designed to positively impact human health, nature, and the environment.

Sustainability Consulting

Lune Realty provides unique project management with customized luxury residential building projects for foreigners with Zero Carbon, Zero Energy, LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge certifications.

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Zero Carbon

Zero Carbon certification is the globally respected third-party certified standard by International Living Future Institute. The certification highlights a global focus on reducing carbon emissions while designing energy-efficient buildings, in which operations could be verified to account for their carbon emissions. Buildings require to demonstrate actual net zero carbon operations of the building, based on a twelve-month performance period, during which time the building must be occupied. One hundred percent of the operational energy must be offset by new or off-site renewable energy, and the embodied carbon emissions must be disclosed and offset.

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LEED certification by U.S. Green Building Council stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is one of the widely used green building rating systems globally. It is available for all building types and provides a framework for healthy and energy-efficient green buildings. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership. Buildings and homes are awarded up to 110 points, based on the level of sustainable strategies achieved – from basic sustainable design to a framework that consumes the least amount of energy possible. The more points achieved, the higher the level of LEED certification the building receives.

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WELL building certification, by the International WELL Building Institute, is a performance-based health rating system for measuring, monitoring, and certifying features of the built environment that impact health and wellbeing through ten core concepts, such as air, water, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind, and community. It includes strategies and scientific research that aim to advance health by setting performance standards during the design stage implementation of operational protocols and policies that foster healthy culture and well-being. The standard draws expertise from users, medical professionals, public health experts, and building scientists.

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Living Building

The Living Building Challenge is a globally respected third-party certified standard by ILFI. LBC is the most rigorous sustainability benchmark in the built environment and is considered the GOLD standard from all widely known certification models. Living Buildings are designed with a regenerative approach in mind. LBC is organized into 7 petals, restoring a healthy interrelationship with nature with beauty and biophilia in mind. LBC buildings operate within the water balance of a given location and climate environment rely only on renewable energy and use safe, red-list-free products to optimize health and well-being while supporting the social dimension of sustainability.

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